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How To Find A Cruise

The first thing you do NOT want to do is visit the site of an Internet Cruise Broker. While the attractive pricing may grab your eye, in the end their "find everything right here" way of presenting cruise information is almost always deceiving.  more...

The most efficient way to go on your own is to visit the major cruise lines website and their "find a cruise"pages.  I like this method because you can

  • Count on the offers being legitimate and available. 
  • See what shore excursions they offer to go with their sailings
  • Compare pricing on several sailings or ship

    They too like to put their best foot forward and position high-profit sailings front and center.  So don't pay too much attention to their pricing. It almost always does not include taxes and any decent travel agent can make it a better value.  But there is no better way to find just what you are looking for.

For your convenience, I have direct links to the Find A Cruise search pages right here. You can also click on the Cruise Finder below to see a selection of extra value sailings we have space available on

So do your research, find some possible sailings and let me know which ones you would like value pricing on.  Remember:


"the Internet is for searching, Travel Agents are for booking"


Reliable Sources 

Reseach these dependable cruise line websites

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